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New website and blog

Posted: March 6, 2011

Well, I’ve finally got there. This website has just received a much-needed overhaul and polish.

As well as refreshing the design I’ve rewritten most of the content which was in desperate need of updating. I’ve also take the opportunity to have a spring clean which means a lot of the old blog content has now been cleared out. With the exception of a few more popular posts (and let’s face it there weren’t too many of them) which I’ve decided to keep, I really wanted to start with a clean slate.

The entries on this blog probably won’t be too frequent as I want them to be considered and more essay-like. I’m going to continue to maintain my Posterous blog for the more notebook-like stuff but writing over here is going to be more focused on my key professional interests.

Please bear with me while I iron out the bugs–I know there’s some IE7 glitches I haven’t caught yet, particularly relating to spacing/padding on lists. However, I realised if I waited until I’d got everything 100% then this site would never have gone live–and Internet Explorer 7 accounts for virtually no site visits (and IE6 even fewer so I’m not even going to bother trying to support that).

The old site will remain for a time (slightly confusingly) at www.littled.net/new so the old links will still work for a bit but as soon as I’m sure everything’s working I’ll start redirecting to the new site.

Update 11/3/2011: my old site is no more so the old URLs will redirect to the new site. Some content may be missing so let me know if there was anything in particular you were trying to get hold of.

No comments? The comments haven't exactly been coming thick and fast recently so I've disabled them for the time being. Instead, why not drop me a Tweet at @littlednet or email me at info@littled.net?


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