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UI design in an hour

Posted: November 27, 2012

I recently gave a lecture on user interface design to a group of Master’s students. My brief was quite wide and I had an hour to talk, followed by an hour’s discussion which I used for a small design exercise.

Obviously it’s pretty impossible to meaningfully cover any aspect of user experience in this amount of time so I went for the broadest possible approach: some definitions of the many terms that are bandied about in our profession, a discussion of user-centred design and an overview of key design principles.

The main “take-away” here is that user-centred design needs to be thought of as an embedded process and mindset for any software development and not an optional add-on.  I also wanted to stress that it’s not hard to start incorporating UCD–even with limited resources you can start giving a voice to your users.

[slideshare id=15366100&doc=user-interface-design-121127041745-phpapp02]

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