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Untangle the Web: pragmatic user-centred design

Posted: June 11, 2013

I spoke at Untangle the Web last night, a new-ish Meetup at the Google Campus. It was the first time I’d ever presented at anything like that so it was a great experience, although slightly nerve-wracking I have to admit.

The presentations for UTW are pretty short and considered introductions to the subject, with some tips for getting started and for exploring further. I spoke on pragmatic user-centred design: that is, not UCD as explained in many textbooks, but how you might go about implementing it on a limited budget with no time. I wanted to steer clear of jargon, trendy labels and processes and concentrate mainly on the outcomes: what are you trying to achieve, given your constraints, and how might you go about this?

My slides are on Slideshare. I’m having problems embedding them in this page, so probably best to go straight there if you’re interested in having a look.

UTW screenshot


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